Lmlsoft's creations

KnightTales, on App Store (20140624), for Ipad, featuring a story about Sir Lancelot saving a town from evil giants, from a tale written by Howard Pyle

Features on IPad are:

  • Voice over with different languages, english, spanish and swedish.
  • Multimedia imaging ( video and rendered images) to try to enhance the story.
  • Text corresponding to speech viewable at all times with toggle.
  • Original text kept intact Original text

Other stuff

A preview of anther story where Sir Lancelot saves a little girl from the Wolfking.

Lancelot meets the wolfking, part of story

Vue 10
Iclone 6 Pro
BitGem Models (Reallusion content)
PROTOFACTOR Models (Reallusion content)

Indie developer from Sweden